Cool people with the smarts to do this. 

Practical street smart experience in SMEs.

Mixed experience in running own business.

 Involved in market research and advisory too.

Well read to make intelligent analysis.

Loves reality thus no feel good a-million-in-a-day stuff.

Loves substance in decision making.

 No 30 page business guides. They are good but for process not decision.

Will partner with great  services for data, process or other mutual benefits.

Simplicity is good if not a synonym for narrowness. Will keep the factsheets simple and powerful.

Aiming to help entrepreneurs-to-be make the right factual decisions.

Further provide answers to the question : What business can I start with xyz capital?

And also brainstorm possible opportunities.

While making some money to pay bills.

Big mission to build a large and reliable database of SME market and financial information in two months. 

50% tech savvy hence the basic set up, for now. 

Design getting better soon

Prefers to remain in peaceful obscurity considering my previous public life.

So will always sign as AN

Drop me an email whenever you wish, about anything : info@thestartuptool.com .

 I will always reply.

Thank you for visiting.

Spread the word.


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